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Roeg | Jettson Vintage White

The new “old school” kid of ROEG® the JETTson ‘Vintage White’ helmet has a handmade PolyFibre shell in four sizes with super-comfortable knitted liner sits nice and low on your head. Tested and apporved to the highest ECE-R22.05 standards. Complete with padded chin strap and classic double d-ring closure and small peak. Plus, brass rivets for visors/shields, a wide, rough trim with a leather lining give the JETTson that distinguished 70s vibe.

Category: Helmets
Brand: Roeg

Imagine a world where a close reminisce of the past is always present and days are filled with the better things in life like motorcycles, music, good food, strong drinks and whatever you can think of. That’s Roeg, the for no good reason, good life company.

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