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December 23, 2020

In Renards, we’re always looking for more and more unique brands to work with. looking up, researching and asking around for the best of the best around the world and that’s how we stumbled upon OldBlue. They are a small Indonesian based denim company producing the perfect old-school style handmade selvedge denim. No pair from OldBlue is just a regular pair of jeans and they always have some surprises and tricks up their sleeves on top of their keen eye for amaizing quality and details.

As a so-called heritage brand that possess this need to produce something with a historically correct procedure and simply creating something that reminisces the good ol’ days along with its traditional value, the materials OldBlue utilizes are indeed quite particular and specific. From the low-tension slow-rpm shuttle-loomed selvedge denim to the 100% copper rivet that will have this green patina over times, they’re all seriously and carefully sourced. They source only quality materials from many places around the world. Mainly exceptional selvedge denim fabrics from Japan, USA, and also fabrics milled locally in Indonesia for their main ingredients. OldBlue has even custom developed and exclusively fresh-ordered some of their denim line up through selected partnered mills. What we really like about OldBlue is that their true to the roots style isn’t at all old-fashioned, their every pair still feels fresh, up to date and not out of place. Even the people who are more keen on skinny jeans can find something cool from OldBlue!

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