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Motorcycle Handlebar Switchgear by Renard

Are you looking for THE motorcycle handle switch set for your handlebar? If so – welcome. You’ve arrived at the right place.

We have produced a line of custom-made, 6082 aluminum handlebar switchgear units for 1″ and 22mm motorcycle handlebars. For over five years – the Renard Switchgear has been preferred by custom motorcycle builders from around the world, builders that are after that icing on the cake.

Check out the variety of options – four combo units (L & R), and the Create Your Own set in which you can combine the button functions according to your needs.

custom motorcycle switches

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Our minimalistic switchgear units offer a high-quality build, timeless design, and distinctive feel – all in a weatherproof casing. Easy to install and even easier to operate. Push buttons and laser engraved sliders have a clear and direct feel to them.


How they’re made?

In-house design, in-house assembly

Made of CNC-milled 6082 aluminum which is later hard anodized for total weatherproof coating and perfected finish – available in matte black or metallic silver. These are the upgraded versions of the first switchgear units released back in 2017.

How to install?

Each switchgear set comes with a bolt-on clamp (tighten to 12Nm). For wiring – you’ll be needing a pair of experienced hands.

How to choose?

22mm = Standard motorcycle handlebar thickness
1″ (25.4mm) = Harley-Davidson standard handlebar thickness (some Triumphs as well)

Depending on your needs and preferences – our current best-seller has definitely been the Switchgear in Black for a 22mm handlebar. If you’d like to upgrade your braking power to something new – maybe to a brand that’s renowned for making brakes for racecars, motorcycles, ATVs, and even airplanes – then there’s the Beringer full switchgear set. In the Beringer selection – you can choose between a cable or hydraulic clutch set.

Choosing the right brake master cylinder size comes down to your existing brakes – it has to match the right size. Check out the options from the store.

About Renard

Renard is a custom motorcycle workshop in NE-Europe since 2008. We’ve been building custom motorcycles for over 16 years; cafe racers, scramblers, side-cars, and even a sport-touring bike on a full monocoque frame for a start! Our main focus has been BMW’s R-series motorcycles, but we’ve also redesigned a wide variety of bikes – Triumph, Moto Guzzi, Ducati, Honda, Harley-Davidson, and even the SWM. Check out our builds for more.

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Available for – 22mm and 1″ (25.4mm) motorcycle handlebars


    Motorcycle Switch

    4 push buttons, 2 sliders – available in black or silver

    Beringer Switchgear with cable clutch
    4 push buttons, 2 sliders, front brake lever with the master cylinder, clutch brake lever for cable clutch 


    6 push buttons


    4 push buttons – turn signals, horn, high-beam

     Custom set – Create your own (2 buttons)
    2 push buttons of your choice




    Available in Black or Silver – for 22mm and 1″ handlebars


    renard motorcycle handlebar switches in black and silver

    Bold and direct, the Motorcycle Switch is a combination of industrial looks and minimalistic design. Found on most of our builds and preferred by numerous custom builders from around the world. After years of use, feedback, testing, and innovation – the current Switchgear unit has been perfected to this current version. Both indicator buttons are easily reached by a thumb, sliders work as well as they look. Easy to install & easy to operate.




    Hydraulic Brake & Cable Clutch

    beringer handlebar switches


    In cooperation with Beringer – this is our most advanced switchgear set you can get on your handlebar. Beringer braking performance differs from other known names by their rubbery, kind of industrial feel. Beringer focuses on performance brakes, and after all – their top-of-the-line brakes are called AEROTEC which clearly indicates their background in aviation, just like the BMW R-series motorcycles.

    Choose between a flashy silver or a more subtle yet popular black. Available for 22mm or 1″ handlebars that fit most motorcycles without an issue. If you’d like to upgrade to even higher by swapping out the brakes – ask us for the Beringer Full Hydraulic Motorcycle handlebar switch set with hydraulic brakes and clutch.




    (Basic, Black)

    motorcycle switches

    MSRP: €250

    This a clever option for anyone who is after an organized solution on their handlebar. The Compact is a 6-button switchgear unit that comes in at least 50% of the size of an average OEM switchgear set. Everything’s there – nothing to add or remove. High-quality build and timeless design – the Compact has 4 impulse buttons on the left, and 2 on the right.

    The Compact has the same motorcycle turn signal switch location that you’d expect from the majority of bikes – under your left arm. As an online difference, instead of the switch-type indication, there are the impulse push buttons for a more robust design. Once you get used to round impulse buttons – you’ll get the idea!

    Tech spec:




    (Basic, black)

    motorcycle handlebar switches
    1 set = 2 sides = 4 buttons

    Price: 160€

    Light and compact yet sturdy and efficient – the Kickstarter Switchgear is a convenient solution for motorcycles without an electric starter. Compared to most OEM switchgear units – Kickstarter is one of the most compact solutions out there. Fits universally to 70s Honda, 50s BMW, or a 2020 KTM. 

    Impulse buttons = click once to indicate, click twice to neutralize. 

    Tech spec:




    Customize your own set!

    1 switch = 1 side = 2 buttons

    custom motorcyle handlebar switches plan
    + menu & info options

    Price: €80

    Do you need just two extra buttons next to your existing OEM switchgear? No problem, as we’ve made customizable options as well. The CYO Switchgear is a perfect option for those looking to upgrade their current bulky plastic switchgear unit to something real.

    If you’d like to re-arrange the whole handlebar on a cable clutch motorcycle, or simply need a new pair of buttons (such as menu or cruise control) – have a look at the whole button option list from the store. It is easy to buy a 1-dollar motorcycle starter switch, but if you’d like to start organizing the limited space on your handlebar in style – write us which side and buttons do you need.




    Custom Mirror Clamps

    motorcycle kill switch


    We thought while you are about to swap out the bulky switches anyway – you might find these 6082 aluminum mirror clamps useful!





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