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BMW R1250R K53 2017-2019 – Used Parts

BMW R1250R


2017 – 2019

OJ71 & OJ73

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Condition: Genuine. Near new (less than 100km), few blemishes here & there from storing (wrapped). Ask for more info
Year: 2019
Model: EU version

Part CategoryPartItem CodeDescriptionMSRP €PRICE €
FRAME PARTSrear sub frame46518414321With 46628382807 cover767€500€
left rear footrest holder46718540798bracket224€100€
right rear footrest holder46718540799bracket224€100€
Front right footrest holder46718540797footpeg front right224€150€
Front left foorest holder46718540796footpeg front right224€150€
EXHAUSTmuffler18518404524Akropovic (Designed for HP) right1217€ – 1600€999€
MIRRORmirrors51168567454left 51168567453 & right77€ ea110€
COVERS/TRIMSleft side fairing cowl852294214€10€
battery cover, left4663852315560g34,5€25€
front wheel cover46618533764fenderxx€150€
rear wheel cover46628382807To be updated131€
trim cowl fairing8549265950€40€
REG. PLATElicense plate adaptor6314989846240€30€
license plate holder46628533757105€70€
SIDE COVERSside cover, primed, left46638534307340€250€
Side cover, primed, right46638534308340€250€
SPOILERSengine spoiler left46638392145stainless steel320€200€
engine spoiler right46638392146stainless steel320€200€
engine bracket spoiler, left46638382803steel53€35€
engine bracket spoiler, right46638382804steel53€35€
reg. plate light cover6321771655637€25€
headlight cover63128549268217€140€
LIGHTSrear light63218549764rear taillight (all incl.)256€140€
LED flasher / Led turn indicator63138522499front & rear (x3 x1)58€50€
VARIAintake snorkel right air1371852391063g25€15€
right intake snorkel air trim cover46638534270120g40€30€
Seat lock mechanism
Seat lock mechanism II
S. DAMPERsteering damper32768548757without hex-bolts (head screws)371€200€
FORKupper fork cross brace31428525324575€400€
lower fork cross brace31428550142w/a tube – brace only575€400€
fork clip mount (upper left)3271854080367€50€
fork flip mount (upper right)3271854080467€50€
BRACKETbracket F Instrument Cluster46638382817Alu80€60€
front panel Carrier (L)8543497Alu110€70€
front panel Carrier (R)8543498Alu110€70€
SEATSDrivers seat / saddle5253853431852538550755225€200€
Passenger rear seat8550756with tools308€300€


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